Solo Lists

The list or solos done by when they were done, artist name, tune name.

Solo List by order finished

Solos 1 to 1000

[table id=3/]

Solos 1001 to 2000

[table id=4/]

Solos 2001 to 3000

[table id=5/]

Solos 3001 to 4000

[table id=6/]

Solos 4001 to 5000

[table id=7/]

Solos by Artists

Solos by Artists A to E

[table id=8/]

Solos by Artist F to M

[table id=9/]

Sols by Artist N to Z

[table id=10/]

Solos By Tune

Solos by Tune 1 to G

[table id=11/]

Solos by Tune H to R

[table id=12/]

Solos by Tune S to Z

[table id=13/]

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