To order solos:


Type the name of the solo or artist you want in the search box. With the search bar, less is more. Spelling has to be exact too. If you are looking for Stan Getz’s Girl from Ipanema, try typing in Ipanema. (If you spell Ipanema wrong, you won’t get any results.) You will get several choices. The last product shown will be key changes and the like. You can use the sort feature too. For the original, you might have to use the “Older Entrees” feature at the bottom of the page.  Add it to your cart.  Once you check out, the solos are in your account and you can download the immediately. Go to the order sections of your account to download.  I do not email solos from this site. If you are unable to download the solo, it could be one of two things. 1st, the solo could be protected and your antivirus could be blocking it. 2, I could have made an error listing the solo in the program. There are over 5000 solos listed. If you find that a solo you previously bought can no longer be downloaded, let me know. If I change a solo, say to remove the security, I have to give you permission again to download it. Just send a email and I will take care of it as soon as possible. Any questions or problems, please send me a email.

Again, to download your solos, go to the order section in your account. The solos can be downloaded as soon as you pay.

If you need a key change, send me a email. Tell me what song you want changed and the key you want.  Please be as specific as much as you can.

I will add the song ASAP.