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Welcome to Saxsolos.com  Over 4600 solos transcribed.
I have been transcribing solos for 23 years for people around the world. The site is automated. Using the solo lists by artist or tunes will let you know what solos that I have done quickly. Using the search feature, less is more.  The fewer the words will give you more results. You download solos from your account as soon as you pay.  To access all of your solos, click on the Account Login button. If you would like a new solo, please send me a mp3 with the artist, tune and album information. Make sure that you do not send it to my Gmail account as it is full and I will not get it.  Take $2 off your order over $10 by using the coupon code: BIRD LIVES With this site, if I have edited a solo that has been previously purchased, the solo still shows in your account, but the download link will be missing.  If you find that, let me know and I will add it back.
Last Five Solos Finished
4672. Jackie McLean Lee Morgan as tp These are Soulful Days
4673. Jason Weber ts I Just Wanna Stop
4674. Uriel Vega as Mary Did You Know
4675. Coleman Hawkins Vic Dickerson ts bn I'm Through With Love
4676. Kenny G ss Missing You Now


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